Jul 10, 2011

Updated: Google+, possible Facebook killer? Read on for an invite

Sept 7th, 2011 Update : You can now click the link below to get the invite. all your need is a google/gmail account http://j.mp/n8ku1K 

Chances are, you have read or heard about Google+ and curious on how the whole thing is. Simply put, it is FB on steroid with more features that are deeply integrated and easier to use. Check out the video below for a quick look on Google+

One cool feature that i really like is Hangout, a simple video chat is turned into a nice place to hangout. Once you have clicked Hangout, you can check your hair before your start the video chat. Best of all, group chat is enabled by default, no more paying for services that you can get for free. 

Next is Huddle

Check out the rest of the features here

Now, if you can't wait to try Google+ and need an invite, use this form below, enter your email address, and i'll be glad to send you one.

Sep 1, 2010

make it

Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you

Listen to your voice
The one that tells you
To taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap in, the net will appear

Aug 18, 2010


trial for autopost!

May 16, 2010

Just Look Up At The Sky

There are times when I wish I could lie down and look up at the moon and the stars up above, just like I used to.

Mind empties itself, filled itself with stars. and the heart just smiles looking at the stars that shine.

It feels like the world just pause for a while, in that moment. The soul would be off from the ground, feels like it's as light as a feather, a soothing and calming feeling.

In those times, soothing innuendos would accompany you. Performed by majestic orchestra of nature. Everything is just in harmony, the sparkles of the stars, the soft breeze, your heartbeat, your thoughts. The perfect harmony.

-MP theatre

Mar 24, 2010

there are things, that you'll just keep it yourself.

Mar 13, 2010

T-Shirt War!!!!!

This thing is so funny!! and they actually sell the t-shirts!


(click for bigger picture)

Mar 3, 2010

water, red.



Feb 9, 2010


Sometimes when you cant talk to anyone, you will communicate to yourself, just to let it go.

Feb 6, 2010